Our History


Karate Zen was founded on 18 October 1982 by a group of dedicated Black Belt holders headed by Kaiso Johan Roux, 8th Dan.
The core system practised follows the Okinawan Goju Ryu style with the addition of Kobujutsu.

Number of Dojos
Registered Black Belts

Our Contribution to Karate


  • Kaiso Johan Roux – Chief Selector Western Province
  • Sensei Leon Beech – President of Western Province
  • Kancho Selwyn Rhoda – Chief Referee of Western Province
  • Sensei Nellie Kleinsmidt – Vice Chairperson of Women’s Forum, Member of Referees Board Western Province
  • Sensei Desmond Maarman – President of South Western Districts, Regional Development Coach of the South Western Districts
  • Sensei Fix Mageveza – Secretary General of Eastern Province
  • Sensei Leon Beech – General Secretary of KASA
  • Kancho Selwyn Rhoda – Chief Referee of South Africa
  • Sensei Nellie Kleinsmidt – Member of National Referees Commission
  • Kaiso Johan Roux – Chairman of KASA Grading Commission
  • Wendy Jansen – National Table Official Co-ordinator
  • Fiona Weitz – National Table Official Co-ordinator
  • Sensei Helen Scheepers – National Table Official Co-ordinator
  • Eddie Du Plessis
  • Johnny Toerien
  • Tyrone Stellenboom
  • David Cronje
  • Bonita De Kock
  • Edwin Moses
  • John Daniels
  • Bernard Delport
  • Carol-Ann Daniels
  • Debbie Dampies
  • Petronella Kliensmidt
  • Selwyn Rhoda
  • Sensei Leon Beech – General Secretary Of Zone 6 , General Secretary of UFAK
  • Kancho Selwyn Rhoda – Secretary of UFAK Referee’s Commission, World Karate Federation (WKF) Judge
  • Sensei Nellie Kleinsmidt – Continental Referee
  • Kaiso Johan Roux – Secretary of Presidents Development Commission of the Union of African Karate Federation (UFAK) grading panel
  • Sensei Gert Husselman – Chief Referee Namibia, UFAK Continental Judge
  • Sensei Carlo Jacobs – National Referee New Zealand
  • Kioshi Eddie Du Plessis – ZONE 6 Referee
  • Johnny Toerien – ZONE 6 Referee

Our Affiliations